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You may not know his full name, but Jose de Abreu is one of our Birdhaven

assets! Familiar with the “to-ing and fro-ing” of Birdhaven and its residents.

In 1961, aged 16, he arrived in South Africa, as did many young men who were

avoiding military service in the Portuguese colonies like Angola, Mozambique,

Guinea-Bissau. His first stop was Vrede, where he quickly learned the lingua

franca: Afrikaans and some African languages.

He then joined his Uncle at the market garden, “Melrose Gardens”, situated in

Melrose (hence the name). The 100 year old shop had a bunny park in those

days to entertain the children whilst their mothers, having arrived in huge gas-

guzzlers, donned in hats and gloves, procured the provisions for the week.

Older customers, like Mrs. Hoffman referred to the grocer as “the bunny shop”.

They grew their own vegetables which were irrigated from our spruit.

The shop moved to its current location in 1962, and owned the adjacent shop

“Birdhaven Grocers” which supplied haberdashery, toilet paper, and almost

everything. In those days, trading was prohibited after Saturday midday, so this

shop was closed over weekends. When the law was repealed, Jose

amalgamated the shops. Do you know that you can still get almost anything at

Melrose Gardens?

Jose has observed much change in Birdhaven. In the old days a car would

pass the shop every 5 to 10 minutes. Planet Fitness was a swimming pool!

Plantations stood where the BP Garage is now situated.

There have been “ruff’uns” too! Like the noisy nightclub next door, which Jose

Inc. cunningly sabotaged by successfully throwing eggs and water down a

communal drainpipe from the flat upstairs. The patrons emptied the dive

immediately, never to return. Then there was the customer that ‘shot gunned’

their display outside the shop, and the endearing customer who said “you are

as cheeky as all the bloody Portuguese”. He has been assaulted with a lettuce.

He has stories to tell!

To celebrate his 25 years in Birdhaven, he planted a pepper tree in the

Triangle, and gets a little bemused when shoppers accuse him of hogging the


Welcome & Congrats! Welcome to our new residents in Birdhaven! You

have made a good choice! If you have not yet met your street captain, please see page 3

for the relevant person. Congratulations to our ‘athletic supremos’ Tessa Burrell

(marathon) and Paul Roos (9th Argus),Martin & Ania Clohkosz, Grant Biddulph (Sani to

sea) & Joel Kesler (Paris marathon) for their achievements. Give us some tips!


Persistence, patience, & people power needed to maintain our beautiful suburb!

Broken Promises….

We welcome news of the Johannesburg waste summit initiated by Pikitup, and

the sympathetic comments on the life and dangers of being a “trolleypreneur”,

made by concerned citizens. We know that recycling of rubbish is imperative,

and could lead to less dangerous employment if regulated and organised.

Amanda Nair, managing director of Pikitup, has said that” municipalities need

to establish ownership of the environment among all its citizens”.

This is EXACTLY what residents of Birdhaven have attempted to do! ….with a

litany of broken promises from all sectors. Our chairman has met with the

police, representatives of Pikitup, Melrose Arch; our ward councillor has raised

this with the environment and infrastructure services MMC, Tshidi Mfikoe and is

currently organising a petition amongst residents to get the municipality to

remove the vagrants that are recycling rubbish. The petition is at Birdhaven

Pharmacy awaiting your signature.

Beate Sullivan, one of our pro-active residents has identified REMADE

RECYCLING as the company that the vagrants sell their rubbish to. REMADE

RECYCLING, established in 1987, sells to the Chinese on a cash only basis

and has 30 depots in Gauteng.

Steve Towsen, the manager of the Wynberg Depot situated at 663 Pretoria

main Road, buys from the Melrose Street vagrants, who are in the main


Beate has been in contact with Steve and Ivan Van der Berg from the Head

Office of Remade Recycling. Both Ivan and the vagrants acknowledge that the

vagrants are customers of the Wynberg Depot. Ivan was appalled at the

degradation of the spruit and environs created by the vagrants, and promised

to bring this to the attention of the MD and owner of the company Steve


As we all know, the damage inflicted on our suburb, is the antithesis of

recycling; polluting the environment, the squatting vagrants are creating a

health risk and have already engaged in minor criminal activity. May I suggest,

that the chief benefactor of this degradation is Remade Recycling, not the vagrants or the citizens.

Contact numbers: MD of Remade Recycling Steve Benjamin 083  250 2645

Representative from H.O. - IVAN V D BERG  CEL  083 399

Head Office TEL NO 011 873 6545 ADDRESS 18 JAMES BRIGHT AVE  


Wynberg  Depot manager Steven Towsen 073 O54 4765 TEL 082 615


Proudly Birdhaven

If you are renovating….

Remember to abide by the By-laws by keeping your pavements clean, and let

MBCAP know the names of your builders (security).


Your committee:

Chairman: Peter Campbell Tel: 082 446 7109

Secretary: Dale Marsh Tel: 083 457 7423

Treasurer: Shannon Castle Tel: 082 921 7516

Security: Greg Roomer Tel: 083 317 3245

Maintenance: Ilana Nafte &Melissa Carstens Tel: 083 454 7570

DA Councillor: Jack Cooper Tel: 082 680 7044

Database: Patti Barlin

Annetta Bilchik Tel: Tel: 084 525 2145

Paul Berman Tel: Tel: 079 888 4422

Constance Smith Tel: 072 013 3944

John Campbell Tel: 082 800 3620

Melissa Carstens Tel: 083 454 7570

Birdhaven Brief: Lucy graham Tel: 082 926 0483

Street Captains

The street Captains exist to assist with communication within the suburb,

• To ensure that we are pro- active with regard to security

• Communicate residents’ concerns

• Encourage neighbourliness & vigilance

In short, to create a feeling of “ubuntu”, someone to assist in a crisis, and maintain standards within our

Below are the names and contact details of our Street Captains:

Wingfield South – (incl Tyrwhitt & Venus) Jo Morreira 082 371 4358

Wingfield North – Carol Zingel 083 259 0365

Ravenswood South – Kerry Kuhlmann 082 568 8099

Ravenswood North – Doug Hunter 011 880-3536

Wrenrose South – Greg Roomer 083 317 3245

Wrenrose North – Annetta Bilchik 011 447-1298

Melrose Street – any offers?

Edgewood- Beate Sullivan 082 693 9953 Barbara Ferguson 011 442-1007


Have you paid???

Please pay your annual subscription to the BRPA. The annual subscription for the

year runs from November 2012 to November 2013 and consists of R400 for the

war chest R100 for houses, totaling R500. The subscription for the flats and

apartments is R50. It is essential and to assist the BRPA in challenging

encroachment, introducing improvements, and monitoring the by-laws.

Banking Details for your subscription are:

Standard Bank Branch Code 00-42-05, Jan Smuts Ave

Please insert name & street address as reference and email to or Fax to 086 687 8235

Look & Log Service delivery failures

Our Councilor, Jack Cooper is the interface between the residents and the municipality. It is very important to log your complaints to

the relevant department, so that they can be monitored, and if not addressed, referred to our Councillor. It is suggested you copy your

reference number to the BRPA, so we can collate complaints and forward them to Jack.

The council has allotted 10 JMPD staff for each Ward, ours being Ward 74. The council has also implemented Wacky Wednesday

meetings where Issues regarding services can be raised. It is hoped that there will be better service delivery in the future.

Here are the contact details of relevant departments:

Water: Burst/ no water/ sewer blockage/ meter leak/fire hydrant/bees in meter box

Sms 082 653 2143 Email Phone 0860JOBURG or 011 375 5555

Electricity: no power/illegal connect Service delivery failures ion/dangerous situation/street lights/meter conversions/faulty Phone 0860JOBURG

Roads: potholes/missing manhole cover/trenches/road collapse/damaged signs/blocked kerb inlet

Email: Phone 0860JOBURG

Cityparks: Grass cutting/fallen trees/ pruning

Email Phone 0860JOBURG

Vagrants / Dumping/ Beggars

Phone 011 375 5918/5911 it has been noted that the beggars around our suburb, in fact belong to a syndicate. We have been advised both by the Minister of Police and other associations to ignore them. The current beggars have replaced the seriously indigent (old etc.) and now are a well organised thriving network.

Phone 0860JOBURG

Many thanks

Your Birdhaven RPA Committee