Dear resident,

Our mailing list and your details are confidential to the BRPA. 


Snooze you lose… Sixty Domestic Workers attended a very successful meeting held at Bellavista School in July. It is a wonderful opportunity to network for staff who are often isolated in their workplace and to bone up on security awareness. This year Stallion encouraged the audience to know the Big 5 (the neighbours around you) and alerted all to the presence of unmarked vehicles that patrol the suburb. 

There was a cooking demonstration and a generous goodie bag to take home.

Isabel Mahlangu writes: “Being at the meeting for the second time made me a little bit relaxed. We usually learn a lot and we enjoyed meeting new people. The most laughing moment was when Dawn was making bunny chow; she asked all of us what we do with our left over bread. Most of the people said “we throw it in the dustbin”, but as for me and some others, we agreed that we give it to the birds, as we have been taught by our employers. We are looking forward to lots of these meetings. Thank you.”

Any “legal eagles” out there who are keen to help us with the illegal squatter problem in the bird sanctuary? - Pro bono of course! In the last Birdhaven Brief and in many issues of the Rosebank Gazette this issue has been highlighted. The BRPA and our Councilor have met with the powers that be, and Beate Sullivan has battled on our behalf. Promises have been made, outrage expressed and action taken that lasted 3 days. The JMPD issued eviction notices to the dwellers in the 5 shacks situated amongst the reeds. They still remain. How about our suburb becoming a trail blazer with regard to litigation that enforces the by-laws? Other suburbs with similar problems would welcome our lead,…..and success! If we could get some help from the many lawyers in our suburb, I guarantee that our Chairman, Peter Campbell would dance in the street.

If you have recently moved into Birdhaven, make sure you have changed your details on the electoral roll.

Sms your name & ID number to 44413

Welcome & Congrats!

Welcome to our new residents in Birdhaven! You have made a good choice! If you have not yet met your street captain, please see page 3 for the relevant person. Congratulations to our music man, Don Albert for the silver award he received for a “sustained contribution to the arts through journalism” at the BASA Journalism awards.

Smell the roses, enjoy the change of season in our suburb, And give yourself time to wander through our park and avenues.

Food for Thought….

How I love meeting the very varied inhabitants of Birdhaven, if I was not involved in the Rate Payers Association, I would never have had the privilege of visiting Cliff Rosen’s organic heritage vegetable garden….and coming away with a purple cauliflower! Do you know they exist? (Along with Egyptian pink garlic, onions from Persia, Siberian kale, Souties squash, black radishes and Romanesque broccoli.)

Birdhaven as we know is a suburb of tennis courts, some of which have been subdivided for the development of a second dwelling. Cliff has a different view - the future profit of one’s own food security, sustainability, healthy future and making a difference by healing the soil using permaculture principles.

So five years ago he converted his tennis court into a marvellous vegetable garden which supplies his family with healthy food for the table and medicinal plants. He has not swallowed a Panado for years! 

Don’t be daunted, he has no background in horticulture and does not look like a hippy. He does believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and the future of this planet and thus has been driven by the need to make a difference.

The whole venture has been a process of learning for Cliff. He uses age old methods of gardening with heritage seeds, makes his own compost and sows green manures over winter. Companion plants like Marigolds & calendula are used rather than pesticides, and are planted next to veggies so that harmful insects are discouraged from spoiling the produce. (Cliff’s Tip: rats don’t like lavender & peppermint!)

Scattered around the garden are cacti which create energy fields, and the odd discarded CD to ward off birds. The disco ball, also placed in the garden for the same intended effect, has not been as successful: the birds love to gather around it for their own entertainment.

As an extension of Cliff’s pursuit of a better future, he has initiated a Non-profit organisation called “Let it Grow”, which teaches the old sustainable ways of gardening. He has started a viable garden at the homeless shelter at Mother Theresa’s Convent in Yeoville and the Sharp Treatment Centre on Pretoria Street, Oaklands. Both places did not have “tennis court” space, but were able to create a vegetable garden to support their needs.

So, look to the future, never mind sub-dividing your court, Cliff’s tip is to grow kale on it, the new green gold! Kale with it’s amazing health & nutritional properties, is currently served in fashionable London bars as the new wheat grass!


Your committee:

Chairman: Peter Campbell Tel: 082 446 7109

Secretary: Dale Marsh Tel: 083 457 7423,

Treasurer: Shannon Castle Tel: 082 921 7516

Security: Greg Roomer Tel: 083 317 3245

Maintenance: Ilana Nafte & Melissa Carstens Tel: 083 454 7570

Database: Patti Barlin

Annetta Bilchik Tel: Tel: 084 525 2145

Paul Berman Tel: Tel: 079 888 4422

Constance Smith Tel: 072 013 3944

John Campbell Tel: 082 800 3620

Birdhaven Brief: Lucy Graham Tel: 082 926 0483

DA Councillor: Jack Cooper Tel: 082 680 7044

Save the date for our AGM , 4 November 2013

Street Captains

The street Captains exist to assist with communication within the suburb,

• To ensure that we are pro- active with regard to security

• Communicate residents’ concerns

• Encourage neighbourliness & vigilance

In short, to create a feeling of “ubuntu”, someone to assist in a crisis, and maintain standards within our

Below are the names and contact details of our Street Captains:

Wingfield South – (incl Tyrwhitt & Venus) Jo Morreira 082 371 4358

Wingfield North – Carol Zingel 083 259 0365

Ravenswood South – Kerry Kuhlmann 082 568 8099

Ravenswood North – Doug Hunter 011 880-3536

Wrenrose South – Greg Roomer 083 317 3245

Wrenrose North – Annetta Bilchik 011 447-1298

Melrose Street – any offers?

Edgewood- Beate Sullivan 082 693 9953 Barbara Ferguson 082 693 9953


Have you paid???

Please pay your annual subscription to the BRPA. The annual subscription for the year runs from November 2012 to November 2013 and consists of R400 for the war chest R100 for houses, totaling R500. The subscription for the flats and apartments is R50. It is essential and to assist the BRPA in challenging encroachment, introducing improvements, and monitoring the by-laws.

Banking Details for your subscription are:

Standard Bank Branch Code 00-42-05, Jan Smuts Ave

Please insert name & street address as reference and email to or Fax to 086 687 8235

Look & Log Service delivery failures

Our Councilor, Jack Cooper is the interface between the residents and the municipality. It is very important to log your complaints to the relevant department, so that they can be monitored, and if not addressed, referred to our Councillor. It is suggested you copy your reference number to the Melissa Carstens & Jack Cooper so we can collate complaints.

The council has allotted 10 JMPD staff for each Ward, ours being Ward 74. The council has also implemented Wacky Wednesday meetings where Issues regarding services can be raised. It is hoped that there will be better service delivery in the future.

Annetta tells me that the new Telkom directory has a list of service numbers that are answered quickly. Try this source for the correct

Contact details of relevant departments:

Water: Burst/ no water/ sewer blockage/ meter leak/fire hydrant/bees in meter box

Email 082 653 2143 Phone 0860JOBURG or 011 375 5555

Electricity: no power/illegal connect Service delivery failures ion/dangerous situation/street lights/meter conversions/faulty Phone 0860JOBURG

Roads: potholes/missing manhole cover/trenches/road collapse/damaged signs/blocked kerb inlet

Email: Phone 0860JOBURG

Cityparks: Grass cutting/fallen trees/ pruning

Email Phone 0860JOBURG

Vagrants / Dumping/ Beggars

Phone 011 375 5918/5911 it has been noted that the beggars around our suburb, in fact belong to a syndicate. We have been advised both by the Minister of Police and other associations to ignore them. The current beggars have replaced the seriously indigent (old etc.) and now are a well organised thriving network.

Phone 0860JOBURG

Many thanks

Your Birdhaven RPA Committee