Dear resident,


For those who missed our last AGM, we had a fascinating guest speaker, Marian Laserson, an active environmentalist with regard to wetlands, the storm water drainage system and the groundwater in the North Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg. She was involved in saving the wetlands of Huddle Park in 2005, and is currently studying the Sandspruit system (that’s our spruit!)

The Sandspruit starts in the vicinity of St. John’s College and is joined by other streams as it travels north. Water from the Louis Botha waterfall at Houghton Drive travels under Paterson Park, then towards the Norwood Mall to join the Sandspruit. In full flood this water can rise to 5 metres in the Melrose Arch / proposed sky deck area.

Henderson Park is also a wetland area. Marian commended Birdhaven for its Regional Spatial Developmental Framework that specifies no more than 8 dwellings per hectare. Our area cannot take more development. Overloading the storm water system, which incidentally is filthy, creates erosion & flooding. For the first time in local history residents are experiencing rising damp as more & more surfaces are now paved and mature trees felled.

Our recent rains have proved the point she made at the AGM. We now have extensive efforts required for bridge rehabilitation; the JRA team is working seven days a week repairing 12703 potholes, and cleaning, unblocking and performing minor repairs on some 887 storm water drains.

Welcome & Congrats!

Welcome to our new residents in Birdhaven! You have made a good choice! If you have not yet met your street captain, please see page 3 for the relevant person.


We extend our condolences to Annetta Bilchik, the doyenne of Birdhaven, on the passing of her husband Morris. Annetta, Morris and their four children moved into the suburb in 1962. Annetta knows more about Birdhaven than we will ever learn! and is an energetic soldier for our common causes. She has served on the BRA for many years. And will do so for many more, we hope!

Monitoring performance…”

Look & Log is the slogan of the Joburg City Council.

As a member of the Birdhaven Ratepayers Association, I am often asked by fellow residents what we (i.e. the committee) are doing about the degradation in the James & Ethel Gray Park. Well, actually....lots! but we need all park lovers to participate! We submitted the petition last year and are fixing the fencing stolen from the kiddies play park out of our funds. We have contacted & met with City Parks, Pikitup and the Police on numerous occasions. A year ago Pikitup agreed to give land to the littering recyclers in Melrose street. MBCap keeps an eye on the car park. Thanks to various individual residents who have tried to remedy the situation.

We need consistent monitoring of the Park and compliance with the by-laws. So, join us in the Park on Sunday afternoon, 13th April at 3pm. Jack Cooper and our Chairman, Peter Campbell will be on hand to hear of new ideas on the park, what improvements we would like etc. Bring your dogs, children, friends and relatives for a fun community afternoon.

As Election Day approaches, the electorate are looking at whether there has been an acceptable standard of service delivery and improvement in their lives. I recently discovered ‘The People’s Assembly’ website A website enabling the electorate to keep track of the activity of their MP.

If you are unable to vote on the 7th May, arrange for a special vote by filling in the special vote form before the 17th April and handing it in at the IEC office at 24 Fredman Drive, Sandton (0110 784 2712. I can email you the relevant form, if you wish.

Our service providers are:

Johannesburg water – Lungile Dhlamini – 011 688 1400 “ensuring water provided adheres to the S.A. national

Emergency Management Services – 011 375 5911 “responding to medical, fire and rescue emergencies”

Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo – Bulumko Nelana – 011 712 6600 “to provide the best possible outdoor recreational experience to the residents of Joburg” Jenny Moodley

Pikitup- 011 712 5200 “ one of the company’s campaigns is to highlight the impact of illegal dumping, & support recycling”

JMPD - 011 375 5918 / 5911 “ vagrants, dumping, noise” Regional Commander in our area is Acting Deputy Director Amon Kganyago. His details are as follows - 011 - 321 6341 082 559 3867

So monitor their performance by looking and logging complaints!

Your Committee

Chairman: Peter Campbell Tel: 082 446 7109

Secretary: Dale Marsh Tel: 083 457 7423,

Treasurer: Shannon Castle Tel: 082 921 7516

Security: Greg Roomer Tel: 083 317 3245

Maintenance: Ilana Nafte & Melissa Carstens Tel: 083 454 7570

Annetta Bilchik Tel: Tel: 084 525 2145

Paul Berman Tel: Tel: 079 888 4422

Constance Smith Tel: 072 013 3944

Birdhaven Brief: Lucy Graham Tel: 082 926 0483

DA Councillor: Jack Cooper Tel: 082 680 7044

The cogs that keep the BRPA wheel turning and looking out for your interests in Birdhaven.

The street Captains exist to assist with communication within the suburb,

• To ensure that we are pro- active with regard to security

• Encourage neighbourliness & vigilance

• Encourage residents to pay their dues

• In short, to create a feeling of “ubuntu”, someone to assist in a crisis, and maintain standards within our suburb.

Below are the names and contact details of our Street Captains:

Wingfield South – (incl Tyrwhitt & Venus) Jo Morreira 082 371 4358

Wingfield North – Carol Zingel 083 259 0365

Ravenswood South – Kerry Kuhlmann 082 568 8099

Ravenswood North – Doug Hunter 011 880-3536

Wrenrose South – Greg Roomer 083 317 3245

Wrenrose North – Annetta Bilchik 011 447-1298 084 525 2145

Edgewood- Beate Sullivan 082 693 9953 & Barbara Ferguson 082 693 9953

Greenacres Ave: Jane Shrank 074 102 2007

Have you paid??

Please pay your annual subscription to the BRPA. The annual subscription for the year runs from November 2013 to November 2014 and consists of R400 for the war chest R100 for houses, totaling R500. The subscription for the flats and apartments is R50. It is essential and to assist the BRPA in challenging encroachment, introducing improvements, and monitoring the by-laws. 

Banking Details for your subscription are:

Standard Bank Branch Code 00-42-05, Jan Smuts Ave Please insert name & street address as reference and email to or Fax to 086 687 8235

Remember that residents who have paid their subs, can advertise in the Birdhaven Brief for free.

Are you safe guarding your asset?

It is in your interest to fight for your suburb!

Your property is an appreciating asset as you know! Appreciating at a better rate than money left in a bank We live in Birdhaven because it is beautiful; stunningly located; safer than most suburbs; treed avenues; space to breathe & bring up our children; close to several green lungs. This is due to years of endeavour by the BRA. It could have been swallowed up in expensive town houses. The park could be a development / shopping centre etc.

So support the BRA in fighting your causes and maintaining and improving the value of your investment. At present, Birdhaven is becoming a lively suburb, the shopping precinct has a lovely parking area (carefully monitored & planned by the BRA), and we host races like the JP Morgan race (carefully monitored & planned by the BRA) and recently the City 2 City race. (Carefully monitored & planned by the BRA)

For your info these are the prices reached of properties sold in the area:

M² Location Date of transfer Purchase Price

3273 Ravenswood Avenue 16/8/2013 R6.5 million

3063 Ravenswood Avenue 30/9/2013 R7 million

3003 Edgewood Avenue 6/6/2013 R5.6 million

1904 Wrenrose Avenue 3/2014 R5.5 million

1002 Edgewood Avenue 12/2013 R8 million

2118 Ravenswood Avenue 3/2014 R3.4 million

Many thanks

Your Birdhaven RPA Committee