Dear resident,


The Birdhaven Residents Association has been very concerned with the degradation of the James & Ethel Gray Park. Our Chairman, Peter Campbell has regularly met with those who should be involved in the maintenance of the Park and the enforcement of by-laws. Peter will be reporting on steps taken during his swansong Annual General meeting in November.

At present, a number of local governmental organisations have been approached to get our Park back to what it should be. 

- Pickitup have undertaken to get an environmental Impact Assessment done in order to remove the “recyclers’ to a designated spot near the dump.

- City parks have promised to mend the fences and lock the gate near the gazebo.

- The Green Scorpions have logged our call with regard to the appalling pollution in the spruit & bird sanctuary.

- The police of Norwood have promised to visit the Park regularly to evict vagrants in conjunction with 7 Arrows.

- There has been interest from private individuals with regard to running & managing the park. Possibly in a different format.

As you know, our park is loved by walkers, runners, picnickers, from all the areas around us. Imagine bird walks, evening walks, and community Halloween parties?

So, to those residents who are concerned about this asset, come to the meeting, express your views, and signup!

There has been a spike in crime lately, and Greg Roomer, will be presenting his ideas on a security camera system for our suburb.

Welcome & Congrats!

Welcome to our new residents in Birdhaven!

You have made a good choice! If you have not yet met your street captain, please see page 3 for the relevant person. 

Valete to Peter Campbell, our Chairman. Although officially a retired person, he has been an energetic, powerful force in the suburb. Always on walkabout, and involved completely in all our triumphs and disappointments. Peter became Chairman of the BRPA in 2005 after serving on the Committee for about two years. Peter would now like to spend more time with 2 members of his family who have relocated to Hilton in KZN. Thank you for all you have done for us in the years you have been on the committee.

Possible Park Pandemic caused by Preventable Poops

permitted by Perambulating Persons

The BRPA is trying to ensure that the James & Ethel Gray Park is maintained as intended when it was given to the city of Johannesburg. As “Birdhaveners”, we are all aware of the difficulties, time & energy that this requires. However, maintaining a poop free park is a simple matter of compliance by dog walkers who love & use our park. Recently our beautiful park has become a veritable dog toilet. 

To encourage cleanliness amongst the dog walkers, I thought I would list a few of the repercussions of having a faeces riddled park.

Do you know that the following infections arise from contact with faeces –?

Hookworm larvae infect your dog by migrating through the skin of paws? And infect children playing in the grass? The eggs hatch in the grass.

Coccidia oocytes  survive in wet conditions and can infect puppies

Accidental ingestion of Toxocara (Roundworm) eggs from contaminated soil can in rare cases cause ocular migration and blindness in children.

Parvo virus is shed in faeces, and can stay in the environment for a year. This is not a problem if your dog has completed all its vaccinations.

Both animals & humans could be infected with E.coli or Giardia from contact with water contaminated with faeces.

So, please assist us in picking up after your dog. Make it a habit to bring a plastic bag with you to the park. Alternatively contribute R10 per park visit to pay for Theo’s services. Of course there is also the option of a municipal fine for ignoring the by-laws!

FYI. Our Vet at the Oakland’s Veterinary Clinic warns dog owners to ensure that their dogs are protected with tick prevention for summer walks in the park. They have had a few incidents of biliary where dogs have not travelled, but are regularly walked in the park. She advises that puppies should only visit the park 2 weeks after they have completed their

Please share this info with park users from other suburbs!

Your Committee

Chairman: Peter Campbell Tel: 082 446 7109

Secretary: Dale Marsh Tel: 083 457 7423,

Treasurer: Shannon Castle Tel: 082 921 7516

Security: Greg Roomer Tel: 083 317 3245

Maintenance: Ilana Nafte & Melissa Carstens Tel: 083 454 7570

Annetta Bilchik Tel: Tel: 084 525 2145

Paul Berman Tel: Tel: 079 888 4422

Constance Smith Tel: 072 013 3944

Birdhaven Brief: Lucy Graham Tel: 082 926 0483

DA Councillor: Jack Cooper Tel: 082 680 7044

The cogs that keep the BRPA wheel turning and looking out for your interests in Birdhaven.

The street Captains exist to assist with communication within the suburb,

• To ensure that we are pro- active with regard to security

• Encourage neighbourliness & vigilance

• Encourage residents to pay their dues

• In short, to create a feeling of “ubuntu”, someone to assist in a crisis, and maintain standards within our suburb.

Below are the names and contact details of our Street Captains:

Wingfield South – (incl Tyrwhitt & Venus) Jo Morreira 082 371 4358

Wingfield North – Carol Zingel 083 259 0365

Ravenswood South – Kerry Kuhlmann 082 568 8099

Ravenswood North – Doug Hunter 011 880-3536

Wrenrose South – Greg Roomer 083 317 3245

Wrenrose North – Annetta Bilchik 011 447-1298 084 525 2145

Edgewood- Beate Sullivan 082 693 9953 & Barbara Ferguson 082 693 9953

Greenacres Ave: Jane Shrank 074 102 2007

Have you paid??

Please pay your annual subscription to the BRPA. The annual subscription for the year runs from November 2013 to November 2014 and consists of R400 for the war chest R100 for houses, totaling R500. The subscription for the flats and apartments is R50. It is essential and to assist the BRPA in challenging encroachment, introducing improvements, and monitoring the by-laws. 

Banking Details for your subscription are:

Standard Bank Branch Code 00-42-05, Jan Smuts Ave Please insert name & street address as reference and email to or Fax to 086 687 8235

Remember that residents who have paid their subs, can advertise in the Birdhaven Brief for free.

Lori’s lifestyle tip for Birdhaveners

Lori Milner has lived in our suburb for 8 years. She loves Birdhaven for its location – being central to everything she needs both at work and personally. She loves being able to go for walks in the park and in the area with her small son and enjoys the beauty of what is on offer. Her favourite characteristic of Birdhaven is that people smile at each other and greet each other even as complete strangers.

Lori is the Director of Beyond the Dress: which specialises in customised corporate programs and events that focus on training and development of women that provides  a combination of lifestyle and corporate skills that will grow and empower them to their next management level and career goals. She works in conjunction with an incredible network of leading subject matter experts and thought leaders, both locally and internationally.

So, ……this is Lori’s tip for us Birdhaveners:

Work/life balance is a myth! Balance is a subjective word and will mean different things to different people. The best way to achieve any balance is by prioritising on what matters most to you. Accept that you will not achieve balance in all spheres on any given day. Balance is not better time management, but better choice management. 

You can attain significant achievement in a way that fits who you are. Stop trying to compare yourself to others - your own way is the only way that will work for you.

Nota Bene Everyone!

Many thanks

Your Birdhaven RPA Committee