Dear Residents


We trust you are well.




Please note that it is unlawful to install any form of speed bump or traffic circle on roads within the suburb. This is done by Johannesburg Roads Agency and its contractors and upon application or upon a decision by JRA based on assessment of the traffic and/or safety in a particular area.


The installation of such bumps or circles unilaterally could give rise to civil and/or criminal liability. We caution against this conduct and to the extent that it occurs, we are duty bound to notify the relevant authorities.


We are mindful of the traffic in the area and we are engaging with JRA in this regard to assess viable options in specific areas of the suburb. To the extent that you have any concerns regarding safety and/or traffic, please feel free to engage with us in this regard or to engage directly with JRA.



Given the care that Birdhaven residents have towards the suburb, it is extremely rare that we find breaches of the Waste Management By-laws, 2012 in relation to building rubble. We are aware of new renovations or building recently commenced in the suburb that are in breach of this by-law.

We ask that to the extent that you are doing any renovations or building, please ensure that you comply with the Waste Management By-laws, 2012, in particular section 15 thereof.

We set out as follows the relevant by-law below for your ease of reference together with the definition of building waste-


“(1) No person may place building waste on a pavement or sidewalk unless such waste is placed in a skip (our emphasis).


(2)The prohibition in subsection (1) does not apply to the storage of building material which one will utilise in the construction of the building.


(3) Every receptacle used for the storage and removal of building waste must- 


(a) have clearly marked on it the name, address and telephone number of the person in control of that receptacle;


(b) be fitted with reflecting chevrons or reflectors which must completely outline the front and the back thereof; and


(c) be covered at all times other than when actually receiving, or being emptied of waste so that no displacement of its contents can occur.


building waste” means all waste produced during the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of any structure, and includes building rubble, earth, vegetation and rock displaced during such construction, alteration, repair or demolition;”




Roadside trees or trees on pavements (whether planted by you or not) are the property of the City of Johannesburg and are protected by by-laws. Pruning or felling them privately and without official permission is prohibited and is an offence. Transgressors can be required by the City to replace and replant similar trees.


If you require pruning or felling of a tree, please engage with City Parks or the City of Johannesburg. Further information in this regard is available at In this regard, we note that when Bella Vista recently required an urgent tree removal, the removal was done within 24 hours by city officials.


The suburb of Birdhaven forms part of the IHlati Conservancy and you are encouraged to engage with the Conservancy for input or assistance in this regard. This will be helpful to you and good for the suburb.


Remember, if you see something say something.


Kind regards


Birdhaven Rate Payers Association