BRPA committee minutes – Monday 15 September 2014


Monday 15 September 2014


Ground Floor, 2 North Road, Dunkeld West


Peter Campbell



Jack Cooper


Dale Marsh DM


Annetta Bilchik AB


Shannon Castle


Melissa Carstens MA


Lucy Graham LG


Greg Roomer GR


Constance Smith CS


Ilana Nafte








Annetta Bilchik, Melissa Carstens, Shannon Castle, Constance Smith








Approved as a true reflection of the meeting


  • MTN tower erected in Ravenswood outside David Pinnock’s house without any consultation with residents
  • David Pinnock in meetings with MTN


  • Jack followed the Agenda and commented accordingly.
  • No special council notices


  • LAND DEVELOPMENT                 

7.1     Erf 86 29 Greenacres  


  • Main house has been altered. Appears entrance to extra garage is being used as access to new residences

7.2 Erf 29 15 Greenacres


  • Mrs Sweet is on her third town planner 1 = Steve Jaspan
  • 2 = Breda Lombard
  • 3 = ?? Raven
  • Plan to still develop 3 units with Mrs Sweet occupying 1.


7.3       Building Sites Problems Encountered    

  1. TREASURER’S REPORT              SC
  2.   PARKS                     AB / PC

9.1 James & Ethel Grey Park [Melrose Arch]


  • See 9.3
  •   Sandspruit Development


  •      Vagrants / Recyclers
  • Meeting on 19 August attended by David Mololeka, Raymond Moscanari horticulturist and 2 policemen.
  • Great promises made but not action seen as yet.
  • David Mololeka hasn’t signed the memorandum sent by 7 Arrows. 7 Arrows would like signed permission to patrol the parks.
  • Bridges in the park have been fixed by Piet van Vuuren as well as the fences and gates.
  • Pikitup continue to exceptionally ineffective
  • GR in contact with the Department of Housing as alternative accommodation has to sourced before the vagrants can be removed.
  • Fencing of the park a possible solution.
  • Our ‘Legal Team’ in Birdhaven –  headed by GR will investigate the possibility of bringing a High Court Application against Pikitup to move the dump. This will go a long way in eradicating the squatter problem.
  • JC – will find out from the DA who can assist us in this ongoing issue.


  •        Events in the Park and suburb.


20 September Fun Run in James & Ethel Grey

20 September Major League Gardens Event @ Wanderers Cricket Stadium

11 October Pridwin School Fun Run

12 October JUMA Cycle Race

SPAR Ladies Race

Possibility to see if Wanderers can be made acoustically sound


  • Mike Kletz – commercial development of Park


Much discussion. Not positively received. Brad Serebro a resident on Edgewood Ave is vehemently opposed to the project.


  • Henderson Park and Melrose Bowling Club.
  • Boston College has been awarded the Melrose Bowling Club as a recreational centre. This is a major concern. GR to follow up and see who and what is to be done with the club.


  • We are devastated and most disappointed that Pridwin was not awarded the tender.
  1. SECURITY     GR


  • Recent Incidents


As per MBCAP newsletter – Crime is on the increase


  • 11/08/2014, 14h45: A home invasion took place on Edgewood Avenue when three suspects damaged the gate and entered the home. The domestic worker was assaulted and locked in the bathroom. She was only discovered later that day. One of the suspects wore a hat and two were armed.
  • 11/08/2014, 18h50: A home invasion took place in Ravenswood Avenue when one suspect wearing a black jacket, shorts, red shoes and possibly soccer socks, armed with a revolver entered the premises and tied up two residents. The suspect then stole valuables and put them in a black square bag with two shoulder straps and fled in an unknown direction. It is possible that there may been a second suspect waiting in a vehicle for the suspect.
  • 15/08/2104, 18h06: A home invasion took place on Tyrwhitt Avenue when four suspects the victim while he was fixing the gate. The suspects locked the victim in the bathroom before stealing valuables and fleeing in a white Mercedes XC70.
  • 24/08/2104, 15h40: A home invasion took place in Kernick Avenue when three suspects broke down the gate of the house, accosted the residents and locked the victims in a room. The suspects stole valuables and fled in a white Alpha Romeo.
  • 30/08/2014, 15:06: A hijacking took place in Victoria Avenue when two suspects wearing blue overalls and one wearing a balaclava, approached the victim at gunpoint and hijacked her fleeing in her silver Mercedes.


  • Security Companies – Birdhaven
  • Camera system report has been delayed and the expert has made dramatic changes to original proposal


  • GR would like to present proposal at AGM
  1. MAINTENANCE OF SUBURB   Call Centre 011 375 5555              MC

11.1 Monitoring of the dump

Discussion with the minutes

11.2 Roads

11.3 Street lights

11.4 Water leaks


12.1    Database

12.2   Correspondence



6 October, 3  November AGM


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