Dear Residents
We trust you are well.
As you may have noticed, there are some new street lights in the area (particularly Greenacres Circle) and certain street lights which have not been working or have been working intermittently appear to be working again. We are monitoring this.
The only area in which street lights remain a problem is the bridge on Melrose Street and we are working on this with City Power to resolve.
If you notice any street lights that are not working, please report them to City Power either by logging a fault online ( and select FAULT LOGGING) or by contacting the City Power call centre by telephone on 011 375 5555 (there is usually a number on each pole for reference purposes). Alternatively, please contact us.
In addition, we are aware of the potholes and uneven road surface on part of Melrose Street and are working with JRA to attend to the repairs. We are hoping this will be done soon. Please exercise caution when driving on Melrose Street just past the Pikit Up Site on the flat portion of the street towards the small stone bridge. In the meantime, certain holes have been repaired.
There is a mobile phone APP called JRA Find and Fix which is very useful to report road-related matters. It is available to download free and please make use of it to call in pot holes or other road-related matters.
As you may be aware, City Power was working in Melrose Street to lay new cable to the station at Athol-Oaklands Road. As a result of this there is rubble on the golf course side of the road and certain gum poles were damaged. The Contractor has undertaken to repair the gum poles and complete the rubble removal and we are working with the contractor in this regard.
We are very grateful to those residents that contributed so generously to install the gum poles last year and we have made it very clear to the contractor that we require the broken poles to be repaired as residents incurred the cost of installation and maintenance.
We have repaired the pathways and broken bricks as well as repaired the bollards at the parking section.
Please pay your annual subscriptions to enable us to keep the suburb maintained.
Please keep us informed of any issues- “If you see something, say something” .
Kind regards