Dear Residents


We trust you are well.


By way of update, please note as follows-


1) Melrose Street has been re-tarred in the area by the bridge;
2) the repair of the street lights in Melrose Street are almost complete;
3) the damage to the park fence, pathway and bollards from a recent vehicle accident has been repaired (Edgewood Avenue);
4) the street lights in the suburb appear to be working save for a small number which have been reported; and
5) Road-markings have been done in various areas and some new road signage to replace older signs have been installed.


If you have not paid your 2017 subscription please kindly pay as these funds help us achieve our goals of maintaining the suburb.


Please report in any potholes or road damage to JRA by using the JRA Find and Fix Mobile Phone Application or calling 011 375 5555.


Please report in any street lights not working on the City Power Website or by calling 011 375 5555.


Please note the upcoming Wanderers Road Race at the end of August with the relevant road closures and restrictions.


Remember- if you see something say something.


Kind regards
Birdhaven Ratepayers Association