Dear Residents

We trust you are safe and well during this lock down period.

As you know, acts of kindness are critical at this difficult time.

We have received the following from Howard Sackstein, a resident of Melrose North, on behalf of SA Harvest-

“We would love it if the residents of Birdhaven joined us join this.

The residents of Melrose North have teamed up with SA Harvest, Afrika Tikkun and The Angel Network to help feed the hungry during these impossibly difficult times. All these are registered NGO’s. Afrika Tikkun have distributed 34 000 month long food packs and SA Harvest have provided over 100 000 meals including 40 000 meals last week alone. Through the Angel Network we have arranged for a SA Harvest vehicle to collect food from our area and distribute it in the Kliptown area of Soweto where there are no tarred roads, no running water, communal toilets and no refuse collection by the city.

We have arranged that a SA Harvest truck to come to the Melrose area on Friday at approximately 11am to collect food donations.

We have asked each block of flats or townhouse complex to please assign one person to champion the cause and to encourage people to leave the food with your security guard by 11am on Friday morning. For houses, food parcels can be left on the outside of your gate.

SA Harvest have requested us to know the names and addresses of houses, blocks of flats and t     ownhouse complexed participating so that they know where to send their truck on Friday morning.

If you are assisting the hungry through this Covid lockdown period please can you reply with your house, complex or block of flats address so we can forward this on to the relevant NGOs for collection. Ricci and I will collate all information.

The food items that work the best are:


Spreads (such as jam or honey, NOT peanut butter)

Rice, mielie meal or any other dry goods

Any tinned food (please check it has not expired)

Shelf milk (please check it has not expired)

Fresh Fruit and veg

United we stand apart!”

If you or your complex or flats are able to assist with this critical mission, please contact Ricci Lyons on 083 231 4050 to ensure the items are collected.

Kind regards