Please note that City Parks have planned to do blocks burning at the Melrose Bird Sanctuary on Thursday and Friday (30th and 31st August).

Other than burning fire breaks because it is a legal obligation. Protected Areas Unit use fire as a management tool where we burn veld for ecological reasons listed below:

  1. To burn grass to remove moribund(fuel load or tall grass)
  2. To stimulate grass growth
  3. To reduce the amount of alien plants or encroaching plants
  4. To kill parasites that might be in the grasses


Depending on the winds on these dates they might burn the area or postpone burning. We plan to burn the reeds as well while birds have migrated during winter.


Due to the increased activities of the displaced people in the bird sanctuary there is just too much litter and scraps in the reeds. They hope the burning of the reeds will encourage grass growth and reeds growth so come summer birds will flourish in the bird sanctuary.